Job column

    number: 2
    location: Zhengzhou customs facility, providing housing.
    salary: negotiable
    1, dealing with various emergency arrangements and adjustments
    2, pay special attention to people management and encourage cadres and staff morale, communication, coordination;
     3, output, quality, efficiency, scrap, to focus on daily tracks;
    4, monitoring and production plan execution and control;
    5, standardize human resource cadre education and training and culture;
    6, the preparation of materials systems initiative, and to seriously implement contact resolve production
&Nbsp;   gap material. According to the production plan, organize assigned labor
    7, equipment maintenance, maintenance planning and execution;
    1, males over the age of 28: College education;
    2, Electronics related discipline and three years working experience in similar position;
    3, has experienced in the formation and expansion of experience and experience in production management and coordination, with plans prepared by
   , communication; serious and responsible, able to work under pressure,
    a strong work ethic and desire Have strong adaptability and analytical skills.

    number: 3
    location: gift Marketing Center
    salary: negotiable
    1, female, college degree or above, electronic engineering, comprehensive quality;
    2, 1 years purchasing experience in documentary work, supply
    familiar with purchasing procedure, good management, familiar with plastic and metal structural materials, accessories and packing material type.
    3, proficient in OFFICE Office software used for data-sensitive;
    4, have strong communication skills, management skills, innovative and team finishing
    God, serious, responsible, strong sense of time.
    5, are familiar with, or engaged in the gift industry is preferred.