Solar backpack

Solar backpack 


    1, the use of high-efficiency monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon film solar energy conversion efficiency is more than 15%

    2:80*110mm  6V/120mA/160MA/power, solar panel specifications: 0.72W/1W

    3, Chargers equipped with high capacity rechargeable Li-Polymer battery: 1000/1600mAH

    4, output voltage: 5-5.8V/LED ultra bright headlamp

    5: output current: 200-300mA

    6, controller 1, mobile phone plug 7 connector two

    7, solar charger battery recharge time: 8-12 hours

    8, size: 7.5x6x1.5 (CM)-lithium alloy: 6*9*1.3CM

    9. hours for charging the mobile phone 4-5 cell phone battery can be charged.


    1, please do not use the sharp special scratch surface of solar panels.

    2, solar backpack charger when charging the built-in rechargeable battery, please place the solar panel in direct sunlight, in order to ensure optimum charging results.

    sports bag type: sports packages apply gender: Unisex by both women and men material: polyester

    hardness: soft pattern: solid color

    capacity: 36-55L

    color: black