Newspapers and magazines popular promotional gifts

    hot summer, a kiosk for sale near sanyuan bridge in Beijing, a hanging magazine rack on a colorful pair of slippers in the magazine covers in a variety of gorgeous, look is eye-catching. This is the fashion capital of the World Court, seventh with the issue of gifts.

    If continues to explore those fashion and the children class books, will can appreciate to more with published gift of delicate "small stuff"--girlfriend of with published gifts is floating soft fan ointment trial loaded; Ruili sent of is anti-sun cream; City beauty gift has eye shadow bashing; small Pooh gift of is literacy card; Mickey Mouse gift has small toy. Presented in the seventh issue of good housekeeping magazine from the United States the BodyWaVe mask, 20 Yuan in market value pricing with the magazine itself. Launch the car tours in the sixth, was donated by 30 yuan worth of watches, 10 higher than the magazine's own pricing. It is understood, is the new Capitol of the beauty shop, first issue presented a comprehensive facial mask, its worth as much as 60 Yuan.

    now, as long as you stand on the streets of Beijing, one sizable sale kiosk, you can actually feel the heat of a magazine gift show oncoming.

    low cost host

    Journal of gifts, mostly comes from advertisers, particularly some cosmetic sample. The health of friends release manager Shen Jingjun said they rarely buy their own gifts readers, mostly comes from advertisers. From the internal operational procedures of the company, is generally issued demands, ultimately determine what to gift the Department of marketing and advertising. When bringing gifts, also comes at a cost. Because the gift is provided by advertisers, but transportation costs paid by the magazine, and other related expenses are determined by the parties to discuss. In their position, and published in the premium channel is provided with return for some advertisers.

    most of the mother baby gifts are provided by manufacturers, according to the magazine's circulation Manager Liu Weishi introduces, in cooperation with advertisers in the past, they have sent gifts of milk powder, children's feet in height. When bringing gifts, the magazine's cost is mainly delivery costs, in accordance with the provisions of the post Office often need to increase postage 1 time. Nevertheless, they still hope to win support from advertisers.

    rayli, fashion and health and other popular fashion magazines in obtaining factory gift at the same time, a clear to charge a fee, for the magazine, and this is providing a form of advertising to clients. Rayli advertising department director Liu Danhui spoke to charge customers in addition to, it also will make choices to customers, usually with a number of international companies to cooperate, because these products have quality guarantee. Normally does not carry products for small firms, for fear that in case of quality problems, the magazine also has to bear the responsibility.

    the host, although you can sit back and enjoy the gift, but the "flower", after all, the initiative lies in the hands of customers. Unable to negotiate to the right customer, or would like to express from the magazine itself when a reader feedback, many magazines have chosen their own production or purchasing gifts. The consumer good meimei publication period, each specifically designed for readers to purchase gifts in the past two years, the girlfriend had been issued repeatedly to the reader back to your own custom gift, to reflect the "girlfriend" of care. These gifts including 15 social celebration of commemorative stamps, stars during the World Cup card and gift of the SARS period last year with the magazine, such as disinfecting wet wipes.

    how it is difficult to assert that

    for the sale of gifts, many magazines all had good earnings. Mamma baby, most notably last year's 12th issue of promotional sales results. With the approach of new year, the magazine made new year desk calendar presented to the reader, facilitated by the promotional gifts, plus the magazine's initiative to increase the circulation, when the magazine's sales grew from 5% to 10% over the years.

    gift of the NBA time in one of the few activities, also had a good performance. It is understood that two or three years ago, NIKE company provided tens of thousands of copies of the hip-hop fenglei VCD of giveaway, magazine to launch these gifts with periodicals to Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities. The result, a gift of magazine sales situation is significantly better than other magazines. Even some students also made a special trip to send money to the magazine, hoping to carve hip-hop Thunder CD-ROM.

    also some media in their own contribution after sending a gift over time, feel and no significant gains. The consumer meimei operations director Wu di said, when the magazine started last year special purchase value, eight or nine of the issue presented to the reader, since each has a gift, and continued until last November. After a phase of gifts after the magazine collected some data analysis, revealed those gifts in Beijing, Shanghai and other cities promotion is very limited, and in some remote cities also slightly larger. Wu di said that promotional push sales compared with cost not worth and the magazine ultimately rely on the content of the win, gifts may be short term to some people who don't want to buy the magazine, but it's not a long-term solution. Based on its experience, then readers of magazines gift pick, over; it is more a song upside down. Therefore, the magazine except for some special holidays, anniversaries, will invest outside gifts, rarely consider the gift to readers (except for advertising customers with gifts).

    the health of friends during 1997-1999 and gifts had been presented 3 years, later reduced the freebies, Shen Jingjun, its Manager said this is because journal toughness less circulation, content is not very accurate, wishes, through gifts to improve circulation; the late focus to enhance the content, the magazine developed relatively mature. In addition, many media gifts, send myself has no role, and advertising customers with some of the gifts, some common gift does not appeal to readers.

    in different periods in different

    on the role of gifts, some in the industry believe that, at present, readers are more sensible, for a mature magazine, gift promotions or not is, at best, is the icing on the cake. Issue is concerned, the most important thing is content, and published on the channel, such as some ground work. Gift effect relatively obvious are those newly founded magazine.

    car tours of the early publication has been will have a higher value of gifts presented to the reader, its circulation Manager Qiao Jibin believes that, after all, is a new face of the magazine, Journal of high value gift to attract the readers to get to know. For the magazine, and these gifts cost to do great, but it also reflects the magazine market confidence for the future. As he spoke, the future development of the market in a more mature, gift's value may be reduced.

    vogue will collect the entrained with the issue of the health premium, according to the magazine's marketing department Hu Xiao introduced, for annual subscription of the health magazine readers present value. At the retail level, she thought for a long time out magazine, its content, quality and location must already exist in the mind of the reader, gifts mainly attract new readers.

    GE Wang, marketing manager of the stewards were of the view that from a reader standpoint, gifts will surely promotional effect. If readers is because gifts and buy magazine, on magazine,, may is a combat, but if because gift of interest and purchase has magazine, reading Hou and decided continues to purchase, this for magazine not is a good has did? she talked about, the magazine each period will has advertising customer provides Shi gift with published gift, in off-season of when, will entrainment some value more your of gifts to attract readers.

    the difference is with the good housekeeping, bilingual time when the gift, it is the season of choice. In May or June this year, the magazine promotions were held in shopping malls, on the purchase of magazine readers free hand strap (purchased from a magazine, the market price of 5 Yuan). According to its Director of operations introduced He Yanping, the magazine was doing when gifts or other promotions will do analysis. And after analysis found that these activities very few returns. First of all, the magazine is not full of gifts, but select a certain area, in a number of special activities. In that case, gift investment is relatively small. After the gifts, if increased sales and gifts into flat, magazine for no loss, sometimes a small surplus. Secondly, the gifts are not only attracted readers while allowing readers to get feedback. For magazines, this is to provide the reader with a service that gives the reader a return. Finally, such activities also have been attracting attention from advertisers, who left the magazine in terms of trying to attract readers, are doing something impressive. He believed that such promotions should be selected in the high season, low season, relatively few people buying Magazine, activities generated by the effect is relatively small.

    in fact, both started aggressively in the early input is icing on the cake mature media, issued as a tactic has become more and more widely used by the media, if used properly, would not only directly driven circulation increases will bring in potential profits. Gift tactics worthy of media focus on marketing executives.