Gift Alliance when ready?

    gift industry for more than 10 years of development, China, gifts in the trade market business owners fall into two categories, one for domestic trade, one for international trade. Guangdong and Zhejiang on the origin of gift enterprises are divided into two areas.

    early in the gift industry, gift Enterprise divisions of their city. Gift consumer market segments due to the small monk porridge is not very high repeatability, we live with each other. Many gift enterprises are from Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places of businesses started, the products are exported to the international market, the huge demand of the domestic market does not reflect the potential of no concern for them. The stage in the Centre of Shenzhen's gift company focused on crafts and the production and development of high-end gifts, while Zhejiang manufacturer mainly producing export commodity, hasn't had too many products and markets on both sides of the conflict.

    with the improvement of China's economy, growing domestic market demand. International trade-oriented enterprises due to the difficulty and risk of foreign trade increased, making them more willing to intervene system simple, low risk investment with the domestic market. This will no doubt give the gift market-focused gift enterprises a lot of pressure. International trade enterprises of this kind, on the financial strength, trade relations, services must be focused on the gift gift enterprises for market expansion, coupled with relatively simple domestic gift industry promotion, therefore, the two involved in the difference in the domestic market and not to advance into gift enterprises a competitive advantage in the domestic market, competition intensified war renewed.

    foreign business sector, and late in the development of certain business organizations have been established in order to coordinate the contradiction between enterprise and conform the members advantage, this pattern helps to rely on groups seeks to maximise the benefits for the enterprise. Therefore, Chinese gift enterprises should spend some time, take the initiative to seek possibilities of cooperation with each other and find common interests with each other, adverse industry phenomenon of relief, and achieve a win-win, even the best situations to win.

    like European soccer clubs G14, because organizers are the owner of a football club, so the operation can be better for corporate profit. Is also a reason, only real gift company, are likely to find common interests with each other.

    China gifts industry enterprise and competition between enterprises has been serious loss of gift industry resources. Meanwhile,

    This type of competition, the company pulled in a vicious cycle, in order to survive we can use various legitimate and illegitimate means to join the war, without regard to social pariah and legal deterrent, ultimate outcomes can only be pulled down over the whole of China gifts industry.

    gift Business Alliance, when can I ready?