Meaning of gifts

    gift is a continuation character is the link social gift giving is a common social phenomenon, it exists in all period, gifts in all areas of human society. An ideal gift for the presenters and recipients, have expressed a particular desire, gifts of a particular message. Is a declaration of gifts both declared the relationship between you and the recipient: ordinary friend, friendly relative, grateful for the boss or an enthusiastic admirer of the subordinate. Gifts it also reflects your hope in the minds of others in establishing what kind of image, one can appreciate someone else's man, a sexy and elegant man, gift or is a man who knows how to smile to terminate the relationship. Most importantly, gifts to the recipient is a declaration: gift of his loyalty has been recognized by you, his perseverance is commendable, gifts his leadership critical to the Department, gift was his health care, he makes doing business a pleasure. In short, he deserves thanks.

    all the giving and receiving of gifts, no matter what gift-giving is voluntary, gift everything is subject to selection can only be sent out. Is an extension of your personality, they can measure your interests, gifts, and even your wisdom and skill. What to send, how to send it to make important, gifts of lasting impressions. Same is true of other how to accept.

    whether we admit it or not, gifts are meaningful to both sides, gift it plays an important role in our lives. Gifts we hunger for it which is endorsed, loving, understanding and love, the longing. We're giving away with unacceptable behavior involves many aspects of life. Gifts by we can inspire others, educate others, can take control, get compensation, you can display the knowledge and accomplishments, gifts express kindness and love, or the impact of individual. In short, gifts have become every one of us acted, integration is not a lack of social forms. Tribute to the defeat of a gift by gift-giving as a special social phenomenon, gift and it has a very long history. Gifts between people, communication is indispensable to human life.

    gifts, together with the other ceremonial activities are created and developed. Gift we know that originated from the ancient ritual activities. At sacrifice, in addition to the standard actions, attitude of reverence to God, reverence and awe, a gift will also own the most valuable items, and can show respect to God (the sacrifice) dedicated to the gods. Perhaps since then, in the meaning of the gift in the gift began with the composition of substances and represents. That can appear in the form of gifts. Origins, it was said that originally comes from the ancient of war due to the tribal merger "tribute" gift that is sent regularly to the Conqueror conquered to food, slaves, to show their obedience to the Conqueror asylum and begging for conquerors. History has sent less than or in no good war records. Gifts such as the spring and Autumn period, for failing to send a car to King of Chu thatch, led to war in Central States aggressively cutting Union Chu. Gifts also thought that initially is the bit of a commercial nature, the original "reciprocity" is essentially the way to gift giving and rewards to exchange products. In the origins of the arms from the various forms of beauty we can see, usually expressed in the form of, presents its range is very large. Gift in ancient, can is coins class of gold and silver,, gift, and records, history and ancient in the, often Emperor gave and Princes or hero to "gift", and "million gold" of records; also can is tool, and weapons, dedicated devices, gift "sword gift hero" more is China of ages story; also can is horse, has special role or special meaning of animal, gift in the Guan Yu seat Xia of "gift", and Liu Bei riding took of "of Lu", gift not on respectively courtesy of Cao Cao, and Liu Biao by gift did? As for clothes, jewelry, food and other more mundane, fields and houses. In ancient times is the most special gifts, gifts are considered as special gifts to send, gifts all around the world. First beauty Xi Shi fan as a sacrifice in ancient China and fuchai, diao Chan why is dedicated to Dong Zhuo Wang Yunlian ring gauges in the? Slave society of any country, such as ancient Greece Sparta, gifts between slave owners gave slave is very normal thing to each other. After thousands of years of development of human society, gifts into modern society, with the increasing awareness that "gifts" which is a unique social phenomenon has been further developed, gradually abandoned some violation of moral and personal will is not the concept of health, as a special form of social art, has its own connotations, its many methods. Money ≠ gifts now that really is the best gift, so values cannot be its value cannot be measured by its price, the key to give the meaning. "A goose feather sent from a thousand li away, courtesy light and mutual affection", this is the most accurate understanding of our ancient people to it. Yang bailao modern Opera gifts, gift giving on the Erh-red hair band, price is insignificant, but its implication of earnest tear-jerking, rewarding. Diamond is luxurious, red string may not be comparable. Gift so good gift is not in itself a luxurious and expensive, the key is it full of the presenter's affectionate, they can touch each other's hearts. In local of Park, and gift road next or school planting a tree hanging has you friends name brand of tree; to someone of name to local library, and school gift a this precious of book; gift for someone wrote a first poems, and for a tunes or series a story; please home of elders talk about they of childhood, and they on himself parents of memories or other almost forget of family fun, put they recorded down to family other members; gift new year Qian to other sent calendar Shi, in calendar Shang standard out all family members and friends of birthday, and Wedding anniversaries and other special occasions ... ... Gifts to all of these, and who can deny that this is the most valuable gift?