Gift planning, design, production

    various marketing activities, all kinds of gifts under the business planning line of integrated planning, design, and customer development, production of personalized gifts by theme. Promotional gifts:

    promotional gifts generally refers to a marketing company in marketing activities to attract consumers to buy the product desire, promote sales and subsidiary present a product, product prices are relatively low. Business gifts:

    very wide range of business gifts, all kinds of enterprises in the public relations, conferences, exchanges, communication and other types of business activities, during the Festival and gifts of a product, product prices are relatively high. Score gifts:

    score gifts is a high-end promotional gifts an enterprise customer in marketing activities through the accumulated bonus points Exchange customers needed products, is also to meet specific market demand for a commodity.

    relatively practical products, after-sales service has a certain degree of protection.

    application areas: communications, finance, insurance, shopping malls and other large enterprises and commercial organizations