What is a promotional gift, promotional gift features

    the so-called promotional gift, is the fingerprints had advertising nature of the company name, logo or advertising words for practical or decorative items. Promotional gifts with other gifts are different, it is representative of the advertising nature. As a promotional product, it often has a common people like and not willing to give up their own money to buy features. Gift giving is a kind of emotional investment can reduce the emotional distance between people and people, facilitating communication, communication, consensus create good opportunities. While promotional gifts and advertising, propaganda, appropriate gifts to customers established in the minds of lasting impressions.

   , category

    promotional gifts are printed with the company logo and distribute (mostly free) gifts to clients. Example: business gifts, which refers to companies in order to promote their products or allow customers to better understand the company's brand, products, news, and on some special day gifts promotional gifts.

    II, promotional gifts needed to meet the main requirements of

    1, expressive or convincing, fully accurate show the brand philosophy;

    2, able to target consumers, potential consumers;

    3, shocking , Novelties and unusual;

    4, has good sensibility;

    5, good consistency.

    three main factors to consider, choosing promotional items

    1, the target audience: the cultural background, age, preferences, habits, consumption, among others,

    2, internal conditions: corporate philosophy and brand concept, promotion goals, management, intended to invest personnel conditions;

    3, market factors: sales channels, products, mature, and geographical features;

    4, the promotion itself factors: appearance, materials, craftsmanship, quality, performance and so on;

    5, the time factor: promotion time, design and production cycle, the transport cycle, seasonal characters and so on.

    6, national policies and laws and regulations.