Seven mistaken ideas of gift purchase

    right choice delivered to the recipient of the gift to be effective feelings, express your gratitude. But most of the time, buyers often try to buy gifts and not be recognized by the recipients, the reason only to find many buyers in the process of purchasing gift into a misunderstanding of purchasing gifts.

    error: they like to purchase

    many gift buyers in self-conscious when choosing a gift, in their own interests to choose gifts, which often have the opposite effect. Must stand in the standpoint of customer problems, shower customer status, occupation, personality, gender, age, education, hobbies, and so are the factors we have to consider, if not pay attention, easy gifts to send out jokes.

    myth: package extreme, either simple or luxurious

    many buyers in purchasing gifts would go into such a misunderstanding, gift packaging does not matter. Or gift is sent packing, packaging must be luxury. Such extreme ideas is very undesirable. Beautiful packaging can enhance the gift levels, but good value for money. Similarly, good gifts need fancy packaging to set off. Packaging and the value of any gifts don't give recipients too much heart drop, medium well.

    myth three: more effects like

    different situations, different gifts, doubling the number, the effect is not necessarily double, so the giver at the time of giving gifts, that double gift, the effect is doubled, misunderstanding of send effects as is a gift.

    myth four: send the gift recipient must buy

    must consider the recipients of gift, including religious beliefs. Otherwise the recipient will not necessarily buy your accounts, but offensive to recipients of your behavior, it is not worth it.

    myth five: send a gift the world

    a gift of gifts for all objects, is taboo gifts, most of the effect of gifts. Even send a gift there is cost savings, the advantages of simple operation, and so on, hope givers don't take the gifts.

    mistake six: the gifts of high value, the effect would be better

    gift was too expensive, recipients rather than embarrassed, appropriate gifts to the best effect; if the gift has to send you to this point, what next time? Send gifts, pay attention to the room.

    myth seven: don't pay attention to etiquette

    selected gift is only half of the gift, good gift etiquette can achieve a multiplier effect. For example, gifts hands for employees, customers, and say a word of congratulations, so wouldn't it be better?