Gift industry analysis

    gift's core competence is "creating customer satisfaction." Renowned management guru, Luke said: "today's competition is not competition between products, but competition between business models between customer service and the overall competition. "

    early in the gift industry, Governments, enterprises, business gifts, celebrations, conferences and other gifts long dominated the market, has achieved an unprecedented gift of prosperity. With the fierce market competition, homogenization of the product, product innovation seems to be the main theme of the gift industry. We should try to create customer satisfaction with more business models.

    pattern, large

    gift industry is a typical market and small businesses. Enterprise scale did not become a competitive advantage, more often instead of becoming a burden, because behind the massive addition to improve the quality of, and also may lead to increased costs . Coupled with a growing number of enterprise demand for marketing becomes more and more urgent, practical gifts are very popular, so that large enterprises in the gift industry is facing unprecedented pressure. Craft gift really going downhill? Can't really form a large enterprise in the gift industry do? I think the gift market share as a whole became larger because of the addition of practical gifts, gifts that make up a smaller proportion, but it absolutely without any reduction in the amount, as practical gifts demand increases, there will be more and more practical products as gifts to join in, category and competition becomes fierce.

    second, the professional

    in the gift industry, any enterprise is unable to include all products, all products competitive advantage could not be established. Without a clear strategic positioning, Enterprise doomed to go bad, not far away! You need to position the product for enterprise's core business, accumulate and invest more in research and development of design innovation, the core technology of potential technical breakthroughs, large-scale production, continue to build and enhance product innovation, technical barriers, fast production, cost control, competitive advantage, making your business more professional.

    three, fine

    for fast and efficient markets, ECHO must establish a set of internal and external systems. Within the enterprise, set up a gift company and Division of a variety of business models, roles and mutual support in the market, according to local conditions, combined with the actual status quo was established including Office system, agency, distribution, direct marketing and other sales mode. The whole system is very complex and well-functioning, like an elephant, accompanied by the music, the beat, such enterprises can make a light like a butterfly flying.

    four, maintaining customer

    with the development of society, the continuous improvement of living standards. Customer requirements more diverse, and more. Heightening the especially high demand for services, the key to customer retention is customer satisfaction.