Three characteristics of promotional gifts

    promotional gifts are mainly enterprises in order to attract customers, increased sales and expanded brand influence, establish good corporate image and presented to the consumer with obvious advertising nature of the gift, the gift giver has a strong tool components.

    characteristics of promotional gifts:

    low value and audience size of promotional gifts, gift enterprise in consideration of audience's psychology, needs also to be taken into account cost issues, promotional gift products and services in a subsidiary position, it has the characteristic of low-value and easy consumption.

    novelty novelty principle that promotions should strive for the new, and don't pick a supermarket department store is selling merchandise, and have a strong sense of values, making consumers feel promotion costs are not too high, to novel without premium, or they will face "the wool grows on the sheep's back" lost price competitiveness of their products and consumers to give up.

    promotional gift giver is associated to a company or brand, marketing decision makers to select the company, brand or product attributes or style of the commodity as a promotional gift and help brand a positive Association, and consumers are more likely to pay the additional cost of purchasing companies or other brand products. Gift of relevance could allow consumers to see the gifts, they immediately think of the product, to the effectiveness of communication, brand image.