Carbon carving craft gifts and advantages

    can be classified by shape, round, square, solid, dish-shaped.

   -by-usage can be divided into: ornaments, pendants.

    carbon carving product advantages

    1, no energy and care, the clock automatically long-lasting sorption of harmful gases, smoke, and odors. While other products require consumption of water, electricity, chemicals, or bio-energy.

    2, without any pollution (including secondary pollution). And other products contaminated itself, some in use will produce electromagnetic, optical, chemical, and biological contamination.

    class cannot purify the air as perfume (only entice people), poor quality of perfume, also pollute the air.

    ozone and negative ions purify the class, despite short-term cleaning action, if applied properly, can easily lead to emphysema, skin cancer, detrimental to the children the elderly.

    photo-catalytic, photocatalytic class to clean up the air has a role, but due to the strong ultraviolet rays on TiO2 strong oxidation, in addition to direct human is no exception, and indoor car material chemical reaction and produce toxic gases.

    Platinum, silver and other metals free, UV rays, high-energy particles, not only damaged objects, more damage to people's health.

    aldehyde extinction, despite the addition of formaldehyde results but no clear effect to other toxic and hazardous gas, chemical contamination.

    3, the application of security (difficult to fire at room temperature, and pressure resistant to breakage), convenience (pendulum, which can be attached to, can move uninterrupted, reliable, adsorption). Desorption and regeneration, and long service life.

    4, adsorption effects, was the China National interior decoration Association promotion as "indoor environmental pollution control products". Has applied for national patents, with independent intellectual property rights.

    5, able to complete absorption. Activated carbon is a high-purity purification agent.

    6, sustained long-term adsorption. This gas source (such as decoration, decorative material) continue to release the gas line, namely for gases in the air with much more, at least cut down, to ensure that the air is always fresh.