Advantages of promotional gifts

    create product differentiation.

    competitive market environment, deviation from the consumer faster and faster, and the progress of modern science and technology, also made similar product homogeneity is more serious. Good gifts can make gifts of value increase.

    communicate through premium brand concept.

    consumers tend to offer a product with product (brand) is linked to from the gifts offered by the quality, value, level and other associations.

    comes with freebies is one of the most effective ways to attract consumers trying to purchase.

    select the gift associated with a product, you can increase the product usage, or even prejudiced consumers accept new products.

    good gift can protect against other types of promotions, bargains even if your competitors are advertising "bombing", and sometimes the only premium fights, but for a gift at this time are exceptionally high requirements.

    gifts can also encourage consumers to buy or increase the amount of purchase, once your gift is more a kind of consumer identity, are more willing to buy or gift giving friends and family the proceeds.

    gifts that often attract consumer testing of vulnerable branded products. But if the product is of poor quality, this product may persuade a consumer to use, also does not bring back again.